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Where's your focus?

Here’s what I’m learning this week:

Only I and I alone have the power to make myself miserable. Or happy. Or sad. Or angry. Or anything else.

When something happens or doesn’t happen in my life my unconscious brings up thoughts and feelings. These are driven by my unconscious beliefs formed when I was very young. And they are horrible! They drive my thoughts and feelings all day long. Ugh.

But I realise I have a choice! We all do. To give in to whatever my unconscious brings up and be dragged around feeling like life is hard. Or I can use my will to focus on what I would love to experience or create today. And tomorrow. And all the days after that. Hooray! I have the power! We all do!!!!!

Where is my focus? Coaching with Crystal Clear Horizons

Incredibly, I find that when I choose to focus on what I want to create, the misery or whatever else it was, no matter how it was caused, dissipates like a fart in the wind. Such a relief!

How do you deal with your thoughts and feelings? Do they drag you around or do you choose to change your focus?

Working with Crystal Clear Horizons in a coaching package assist you keep your focus. Enquire about how our coaching will support your life and business. Contact us today.


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