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Creating your end result ...

Our Vision ...

To help millions of people around the world to live a life they love through connecting with their heart and following their purpose. In turn they will assist others around them to do the same creating a truly global movement for the good of the planet.

At Crystal Clear Horizons, our mission is to help people bring the heart into leadership and create a legacy focused life.


Christie our founder and principal, is an accredited Natural Success coach, certified life coach, NLP Master and author. She draws on a background of over 30 years in both the corporate and coaching space. With her expertise and experience, Christie helps her clients meet their genius and live with a creative orientation.


We believe that everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling and joyful life. Let us help you discover the power within you and unleash your full potential. Book a consultation today and start your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

Christe Pinto_Director Crystal Clear Horizons

Living with a creative orientation

Our mission is to help you tap into your genius as a leader and create superior results.

You want to become a better leader and experience these benefits:

-  Access your intuition

-  Tap into your genius

-  Have a clear vision

-  Deal with crisis successfully

-  A toolkit to deal with stress 

-  Better interpersonal relationships

-  Know who you are and your value

-  Have greater confidence 

-  Have a deep sense of purpose

-  Empowering and inspiring teams

-  Stay in your centre

- Create a ripple effect

- Leave a legacy

Creative leadership

Creative Development focuses on what you would love to create. It is not about fixing yourself or developing yourself. It is about accessing what you already have within you and using it to create the End Results you really want.   At the core of it – it is about accessing your powerful Superconscious. We all have a Superconscious - It is our personal genius!

Book a Discovery Call

Would you like to have a quick chat with Christie to see if Crystal Clear Horizons is right for you?  With a clear and direct conversation, Christie will assist you to see what is your next best step!

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