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Our Coaching program


Stage 1


  • Where You are Now

  • Clarity on Where You Want to Be

  • Create Your Vision

  • Get to know your Superconscious

  • Learn where your focus is 

Create Your Personal Toolkit

  • Develop your intuition

  • Access your genius

  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Strategies to deal with stress & crisis

  • Build your creative 'muscles'

Stage 2

Self Mastery

  • Being your true self 

  • Living your purpose

  • Genius & intuition for End Results

  • Sense of personal power

  • Appreciation of your foibles

Stage 3

The process to creating your vision

When you tap into your genius and use your intuition in taking the right action steps, you create the results you want so much more easily.


It’s time to stop pushing to get results and engaging in endless problem-solving. It’s time to get clear on the End Results your heart desires most, your unique Vision, and have a laser-like focus in creating them. My role is to help you stay focused and help you build your creative muscles.

Crystal Clear Horizons is a coaching, training and mentoring company dedicated to Leadership, Personal and Business Coaching incorporating mind, body and spirit.

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