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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Corporate Mini Workshop Sessions

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Our 'Wellbeing in the Workplace' sessions are a 90 minute mini workshop for corporate business teams who are ready to increase their intuition and learn about working from their zone of 'Genius' .  

In the changing work environment people have had enough of being stressed and constantly under pressure, stuck in a never-ending loop.  In the session we look at the true causes of stress, ways to address this and then how to access the Superconscious to create the results you want. 

Your team can benefit from this interactive presentation.  Book it as a stand-alone offer to your staff or as part of a bigger professional development offering.  We would love to speak to you today!

Christie’s interactive presentation  was able to help us identify stress markers and provide a structure for not only recognising our individual triggers but options on how to function better as an individual and a team both from a personal and work perspective.  There was some terrific team sharing and bonding throughout the workshop and afterwards a great deal of discussion was generated about personal penny drop moments and tangible ways to reduce stress at work and at home.  Christie has an insightful and inclusive approach and brought a strong commitment and energy to the workshop – we are grateful for her willingness to share her coaching and heart felt learnings.

Caroline Maddox - QLD Strategy & Development Manager - Salvation Army

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