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Give yourself the gift of relaxation

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In the last 16 years coaching, I have noticed that coming up to Xmas, especially in Australia, things get very crazy. There are work deadlines, social things, family things, school things for those of you who are parents or carers. It’s Christmas. It’s the summer holidays. Social activities. It’s everything at once and our systems get very stressed. Overwhelmed.

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Have you ever wondered why?

As human beings we are designed to be both active and inactive. To take action and relax.

Unfortunately in this crazy period of time, we tend to be active most of the time with little time for your system to relax.

Why do we spend so much time switched to "On"?

I’ve heard clients give the following reasons:

- If I stop I won’t start again

- I don’t have time

- I’m scared I will fail if I don’t keep pushing

- I’m going to drop the ball

Can you relate to that?

Being switched to 'On" all the time like this is what causes a build up of stress and a sense of overwhelm.

At this busy time of year the great news is: you can get the benefits of relaxation in as little as 10 minutes a day.

When you spend just 10 minutes a day relaxing - you get back at least 1 hour in time!

It will increase your productivity AND help you access your Superconscious, your genius much more easily so that you can get the End Results you would love to have!

Some ideas for relaxing:

- Muscle relaxation

- Just breathing and doing nothing else

- Going for a short walk in the fresh air

- Listening to your favourite music

- Finding a space to just be quiet

- Meditation

This year stop "crawling into Christmas" - you can CHOOSE to glide smoothly into the holiday period!

P.S. An additional benefit is a boost to your health.


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