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Creating More Magic through B1G1 Positive Impact

Updated: 6 days ago

Crystal Clear Horizons has been giving back through B1G1 since 2012. It started with wanting to create a way to make an impact on projects I was passionate about but wasn't able to do the work myself. I realised that there were people who could and were and I could help them by donating funds. Giving without guilt.

Instead of donating based on a sense of guilt or obligation, I had a vision of the type of impact I would love to see happening in the world. So I started donating based on business income. Each month when clients' invoices are paid, I donate a portion to the B1G1 projects. When I shared this with my clients they were excited and loved that they were making a positive impact in the world just by working with me!

I also involved our teenage daughter Jade in choosing which projects to support. My husband and I wanted to show her how we could appreciate what we have and then support others who were in a less fortunate position. She was very moved when she realised how fortunate she is compared to so many children her age around the world. She loved that we were doing something to help them.

Girl with clean water - giving back with B1G1
Girl with clean water - Courtesy of B1G1

Why Crystal Clear Horizons collaborates with B1G1

I believe profound change can come through business. My mission is to help leaders put the heart into their organisations and communities and shake up existing structures and ways of operating that no longer serve them or the world. The work that B1G1 does also inspires people in businesses to think outside the box and enables them to have a positive impact in the world.

"I choose different projects each month based on intuition, as my clients have requested me to do. This way Crystal Clear Horizons is creating impact via various projects across all the sectors B1G1 supports. These in turn contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It feels so good to know we are part of a business community and our work is also creating a positive impact throughout the world. All the impacts combined across all the businesses involved are huge!" Christie Pinto


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