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8 Week Class Series

Heart-centred leadership is tapping into your Superconscious to lead from your heart. 

This 8-week Class Series is a wonderful opportunity to experience this work through consistent practice.  

When:  Wednesday 18th September to Wednesday 13 November 

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost:  $400 

In these classes, we will explore the principles of heart-centred leadership through:

  • Understanding your Heart-Centred Leadership

  • Increased awareness of your unconscious

  • How to access your Superconscious

  • Using your intuition and heart to create superior results


'Participating in a class series was the best introduction to these principles.  I was able to really understand the value of this practice when I started receiving coaching with Christie.  The effect this had on my life and work was profound!'  Johnny - Consultant

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