Live a Life You Love!


  • If you are looking for someone to help you work through blocks in life or achieve goals, then Christie is the personal coach you want to have by your side. Her bright and energetic personality is infectious and you can’t help but come away from each session with her feeling enthusiastic. Christie has an innate ability to tune in with where you’re at in the conversation. She is great at listening and uncovering what and where your blocks are. Best of all she is able to provide strategies you can take away and implement. Christie has considerable amount of years’ experience in the coaching field. Most of all she walks the talk. You know that when she provides tips and techniques that she’s lived it and experienced it. She’s the real deal and working with her has certainly helped me to live the life I love!  

  • Christie has changed my life! Though I have many loving and well-meaning people in my life, their advice is often not the most suitable for my particular situation. Christie has taken me on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately self-love. At times when I was experiencing extremely high emotional discomfort, Christie provided me with tools and techniques that helped me move through not just the issue at hand, but they could also be applied to other areas of my life. I honestly don’t think I could be in this place of happiness without Christie. To add to my experience of profound results, Christie is a delightful, energetic, loving, skilful, conscious human being whose commitment to your personal growth is unwavering.

    Melanie Heskin
    Burklyn Partner
  • I met Christie at a seminar during a very difficult period of my life, and we connected instantly. She has that bubbliness and joy for life that is hard to resist! So I began regular coaching sessions with her, and I always looked forward to them as my reward for a hard week… each session was a breath of fresh air, a blow of positive energy, a flow of sweet words in my ear, that would carry me lighter till the next session. She masters the art of making you feel good, of making you think differently, of transporting you in a new world where issues becomes opportunities, where pain becomes a door to strength, where conflicts become tools for learning new skills. She has helped me tremendously to overcome many of life’s hurdles.

    Dominique Delaisse
    IT Engagement Lead
  • Christie has helped me work through all the struggles that were holding me back from achieving the very many goals I have. I found it’s so important to have someone to keep you accountable for what you say you’re going to do! Everyone needs someone to inspire them and help them develop skills to achieve more. You’ll achieve even more than you first set out to do with a coach. Christie, you’re a true inspiration and I love your work; thanks for all that you do!

    Angelo Castiglione
    Strength and Conditioning Coach, Owne
  • Christie has been my coach/mentor for over a year now and has made a tremendous difference to my life. Her enthusiasm, passion and spirituality are truly inspirational. After reaping the benefits of working with Christie, I recommended her to my mother and daughter and they too have benefitted from her coaching. I admire her ability to work so effortlessly and patiently with different generations. Just by interacting with Christie, I aspire to be a better person as she leads by example. Thank you Christie for all the love, warmth and wisdom you shower on not just me but on my mother and daughter as well.

    Sheree Cortes
    Sheree Cortes
    IT Manager
  • I have known Christie personally and professionally for 6+ years. I started talking to Christie professionally about 12 months ago, when I changed jobs and have achieved a deeper insight into myself as well as more positive and confident outlook on life and in particularly work. Christie has an intuitive insight into what is right (or necessary) for you at a particular moment in time, which is extremely valuable. Can’t wait to see what is next.

    Brigitte Snelson
    Brigitte Snelson
    Procurement Manager
  • I have known Christie for some 18 months now and in this time she has become a good friend and confidant. She is a good listener and doesn’t reply with empty platitudes but makes valuable suggestion or asks questions to get to the crux of the matter. Her many strategies are useful tools to make everyday life run more smoothly and to provide balance in the long term. She provides a hands-on approach to a happier life.

    Gerhard Moser
    CEO, Home Loan Guru
  • Working with Christie as my coach over the years has helped me through stressful times at work by giving me a different perspective on the situation plus tools, tips and tricks to cope - which results in restoring faith in myself. Having known her when she worked in my industry, I already knew that she was intelligent, trustworthy and experienced in the world of business. What became apparent through our first coaching session is that she really cares and will put in all the effort needed for her sessions and more. I have always valued and continue to value her help and her ability to make me laugh no matter how seriously I am taking myself at the time. Nina Genikis, Program Director

    Nina Genikis
    Program Director
  • “Christie is a flash of positivity and hope that cuts through the grey that contemporary society often projects. She has introduced me to a range of techniques that have helped me professionally, spiritually and mentally. Part coach, part mentor, part guru and mystic, Christie offers a holistic and personally tailored approach that has helped me become increasingly positive, productive, intuitive and able to navigate my way through life with a smile on my face.”  

    Tin Hemingway
    Music Maestro
  • A number of one to one sessions with Christie has set me on the path to ensure both my personal and business goals can be achieved with a happy balance of both. Christie has been both professional and understanding of my present goals and we together have mapped out strategies and techniques to ensure long term goals can be realistically met.

    Joe Santomartino
    Joe Santomartino
    CPA, VIC
  • Christie is a coach who really gives a high level of competence and engagement to her work. She has been coaching for several years and during that time she helped a lot of people witt her NLP coaching to achieve their goals and to increase their performance. Her good ideas and helpful comments supports clients to find best fit solutions and new ways for development. If you are looking for a competent, supportive and warm coaching environment, Christie is the right coach for you.

    Peter A. Fuhrmann
    Master Coach, Dusseldorf, Germany"
  • Christie has enabled me to transform my eating and exercise habits after the birth of my second child. Feeling tired and low on energy with a serious chocolate addiction, she helped me “get back on my feet”. After only 1 session I was free of eating chocolate and have been to this day. After the second session I joined the gym and am exercising 3-4 times per week and loving it!! Christie provided me with a safe and caring environment to open myself to change and gave me the tools to explore my unhealthy habits so that I can live a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle.

    Christiane Anderson
    Systems Analyst, McKinnon, VIC
  • Christie has an amazing capacity to light up the path to success, while still allowing you to steer the course. Her warmth and her genuine need to help people achieve, is an extremely valuable commodity in today’s world.

    Jack Delosa
    Managing Director, Elwood, VIC
  • When Christie first began as my coach, I felt I had lost direction in some areas of my life. Christie gave me tools to regain control and prioritise what was important to me such as; time management skills, taking control of my stress and an overall feeling of responsibility of my own actions. She was always available to me and would often keep in contact between our sessions via email and phone calls. Having this ongoing support gave me the confidence and support I needed throughout my journey with Crystal Clear Horizons. I feel more in control of my life than I ever have and now use the tools I was taught on a daily bases with not only myself, but my friends and family. Christie is a wonderful teacher with great knowledge of life coaching. Her technique is one that makes you feel in control of your life at all times, with no pressure or repetition. She was professional and showed great enthusiasm throughout our time together.

    Sarah Knaggs
    Coordinator, Child Care Centre
  • I came to Christie Pinto knowing that I needed to make changes to key areas of my life, in order to move forward. Through a series of NLP exercises and other coaching I was not only able to effect these changes, but also better able to understand myself. I look forward very much to working with Christie in the future.

    Conrad Howard
    Conrad Howard
  • Christie's unique blend of traditional life enhancement techniques, combined with an understanding of the metaphysical and spiritual forces that guide us on a deeper level allow her to offer a truly holistic perspective to clients. Her warmth, effervesence and genuine spirit make her a pleasure to spend time with; she is someone you can truly trust.

    Jennifer Maas
    Jennifer Maas
    Research Manager, Melbourne
  • Before coaching I was nowhere in my life. I didn't know what I was doing and I was driving myself crazy. Now I have more awareness and stability in my life. I look forward to every day. I have a purpose. Before things would affect me on a day to day basis and I would be crying at times. Now I can cope with things easily. My relationship with myself is very, very deep. Even my relationship with my husband has got deeper. Christie you are like a gift sent to me. You've given my life back in my hands.

    Priya Kondur
    Priya Kondur
    Naturopath, Melbourne
  • I have known and worked with Christie for many years. Christie is an amazing person. She has a passion to help people and she works with an uncompromising level of integrity, honesty and care. Her energy , enthusiasm and passion for what she does is self evident. She is a high achiever that that is committed to contributing to the success and well being of others.

  • Christie was a true inspiration who assisting me greatly on my journey forward in life. I would highly recommend Christie as a sincere and motivated professional in her field. She is dedicated to helping her clients and goes the extra mile to gain the desired result

    Stacey Heenan
    Stacey Heenan
    Recruitment Executive, Albert Park VIC