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Inspiration Formula

Have You Been Searching?

Connect to the tapestry of your destiny with the Inspiration Formula!

Imagine if you suddenly knew why you are here. Imagine if you could see life’s plan for you. And imagine if you no longer had to question why your parents brought you into the world. You would be as humbled as the astronauts are when they look back on Earth and see its beauty.

The Inspiration Formula is a unique five step process that enables people to see the purpose and importance of their life by answering the most significant question that human beings ask:

Why am I here?

Developed by Emily Gowor – multiple published author, speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and icon for human greatness – the Inspiration Formula is specifically designed to connect you to your authentic inspiration so that you can live a life that is filled with profound purpose, extraordinary accomplishments and deep meaning.

Honouring the greatness that exists within all human beings, the Inspiration Formula collects essential information about you, your life and your psychological make-up through a specific interview process and reveals an accurate and inspiring one-paragraph “Statement of Inspiration”; a blended mission, vision, destiny and purpose statement that reflects the dream you would love to fulfil before the day you leave Earth.

Why was the Inspiration Formula created?

Emily’s inspiration behind the creation of Inspiration Formula relates to her own history and life experience, and her deep belief in people’s capacity to rise up and succeed.

what-is-my-purposeAfter overcoming an eight-month long stage of depression at age 19 where she questioned the purpose of her own life – and the purpose of life at all – Emily became determined to do whatever it took to live an incredible life. As she discovered her own personal inspiration – which lay within writing and human potential –, her life took on a whole new meaning and she began to create what many have referred to as ‘an incredible trajectory’ for herself as she became a six-time published author, won multiple awards for her blog, worked for influential leaders including Dr. John Demartini, travelled the world, spoke from stages and through interviews, developed a global network, launched a global project, won entrepreneurial awards, more than quadrupled her yearly income and founded a publishing company: all by the age of 27.

As people began to ask her how she was managing to achieve so much so quickly, Emily began to contemplate deeply. This contemplation, coupled with Emily’s inherent certainty in the human spirit and endless persistence in personal growth led to the creation of the Inspiration Formula: a tool that has the power to unlock a person’s deep inspiration and driving force for the future… the key to not only high achievement, but extraordinary fulfilment in life.

The Inspiration Formula was designed by Emily with two primary interests in mind:

  • Ending the human search for meaning so we can find purpose, overcome depression and live a meaningful life.

The presence of inspiration has the power to raise a person up out of their struggle by showing them a reason ‘why’; a reason to overcome their challenges. Inspiration ignites a healing force within the mind, heart and body that can instigate a powerful life transformation.

  • Helping a person to unlock their great creation or contribution to the world.

Great inspiration leads to innovation and originality: the two fundamental components of any creation or contribution that has the power to change an industry, ‘wow’ thousands of people or alter the course of history. With more inspired individuals, the world benefits.

Designed as a tool that could operate independent of Emily (through professionally-qualified consultants) and that would significantly benefit the lives of the recipient, the Inspiration Formula is already impacting many lives around the world with its trained consultants – all the way from the Australia and USA to Canada and the United Kingdom.

What does the Inspiration Formula do?

The Inspiration Formula will assist you to gain clarity on the next stages of your life and overcome any feeling of being ‘lost’ by threading the seemingly random events and pieces of your life together. Previous clients who have experienced the formula have said that even the interview process itself (part one of the consultation) is deeply profound and meaningful.

The formula is designed to help you to unite your past, life, heart, mind and self together in a spectacular and incredibly meaningful way. It unites all that was with all that can be and brings together wisdom, observation and fact through a carefully laid-out process to show you the underlying thread of destiny that has been running through your life since the day you were born.

The Inspiration Formula is not based on fantasies or unrealistic, unachievable idealisms about life (which get a human being nowhere). It doesn’t require a stretch of your imagination. The entire process is founded on solid, proven principles and understandings about human greatness, psychology and potential.

How will a consultation in the Inspiration Formula impact my life?

The psychological ripple effect of completing the Inspiration Formula is extraordinary.

It will trigger a phenomena in your life and mind where everything that you have ever learned, endured or experienced falls into place and you suddenly get ‘why’… the reason that lies inside the commonly-used spiritual wisdom that everything happens for a reason. The Inspiration Formula will show you what that reason is. It will also break you through any limiting perceptions that they aren’t important in the world and give you permission to do something significant with your life.

What you discover in your Inspiration Formula consultation will become your greatest ally, continually reminding you who you REALLY are in moments when you doubt whether you are enough. It will inspire you to prove all of your doubts wrong about whether or not you are capable. Of whether or not you are worthy of a great life. And of whether or not you have what it takes to endure the work required to build a grand vision.

The Inspiration Formula was designed to end the search for meaning and purpose – for once and for all – so that we can begin living from that meaning instead. We each have the capacity for a self-transcending service and awe-inspiring contribution to humanity and the formula can reveal what that is for YOU.

Congratulations on deciding to book your
Inspiration Formula Consultation!

I am deeply inspired that you are about to make an investment into yourself and your future, and I am looking forward to seeing your Statement of Inspiration soon!

By being facilitated through the Inspiration Formula in a by a professionally-trained consultant (approx. 90-120 minutes in duration), you will receive:

  • Your one-of-a-kind Statement of Inspiration
  • Your Gift in life (what you are here to give to the world)
  • Your Life Motto (a power statement to live by)


After your consultation, you will receive the final version of the above on a beautifully-branded certificate that you can print, laminate and hang on the wall in your home or office to remind you of your great WHY in life.

Here is a quick overview of how your consultation will be conducted:

  • Session 1 (approx. 60-75 minutes)
  • During this session, the Inspiration Formula Consultant will conduct a detailed

interview process with you to collect specific information across many domains of your mind and life. It is a profound and graceful experience and even this first stage of collecting information for Step 1 to 4 of the Inspiration Formula can be highly insightful for people. It is a purely introspective process designed to help you gain clarity on who you are, what inspires you and, most of all, what you would love to do with your future.

  • Offline Writing of your ‘SOI’ (Statement of Inspiration) 
    • The Inspiration Formula Consultant will then log off the call once they have collected the information from Step 1 to 4 and formulate your Statement of Inspiration (or SOI). The SOI is designed to be a meaningful and moving one paragraph statement about you, what you’d love to be, do and have in the world and the mission and legacy you would love to create and fulfil before you die. The Inspiration Formula Consultant will formulate your SOI while listening to a song or music that inspires you in order to deeply access your heart and soul.
  • Session 2 (approx. 20 minutes)
    • Once the Inspiration Formula Consultant has produced your SOI, they will present the statement to you in a second live call or meeting. After the SOI has been presented to you, the Inspiration Formula Consultant will then facilitate you through the final part of the Inspiration Formula which is to reveal your Life Gift and create a Life Motto that you can use as your credo to live by.