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Heart-Based Resilience

Resilience: What does resilience mean to you?

How resilient do you feel in life ?

Today we need resilience more than ever because the way we live and work isn’t working! The increasing demands on us in today’s world are resulting in unprecedented levels of stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout. We have seen the following:

  • Workplaces and life are becoming more and more pressured
  • Mobile phones and devices mean we have little down time
  • We can be reached anywhere at any time = no recuperation time
  • Technology has made things faster so now we have to do even more!!!!!

This results in: inability to focus, decreased productivity, self-judgment, decreased creativity, loneliness, reduced empathy and compassion, illness and more! What if we were to tell you that there is another way to live in today’s environment?

Resilience is our ability to navigate through life’s challenges and setbacks and still ‘bounce back’. We can build our resilience muscles through practice. What if you were to have your own personal toolkit to help you become ‘bulletproof’?

Improved resilience within you creates a strong ripple effect:

your colleagues, team, organisation, family, friends AND community will also enjoy the benefits.

Traditional programs focus on using your brain and practical techniques which has helped. Unfortunately they totally miss out on another powerful resource – your ‘heart-brain’ so your results are often limited. In 1996 scientists discovered that the heart also has it’s own intelligence. It has since been recognised that combining BOTH sources of intelligence head AND heart will take your results in life to the next level.

We are excited to announce the Heart-Based Resilience Program!

The new era we find ourselves in requires us to have more awareness, trust, heart and compassion. Using the latest neuroscience, proven techniques and ancient wisdom, this next generation training program will show you HOW to harness more of what you already have within you to thrive not just survive!

Heart-Based Resilience:  Introductory Workshop

Unleash your superpowers!


When we are over-busy and feeling stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout we are unable to tap into all the resources we naturally have within us. We are all too often in pure survival mode. We often feel powerless rather than powerful. Why is this? We were not designed to live in the current environment and we have rarely been shown HOW to be resilient.

During this one-day FUN course you will gain deep insight into how your mind and body work. Using the latest techniques, self-reflection, discussion and ancient knowledge you will greatly increase your resilience ‘muscles’. You will learn about mindfulness and tap into compassion both for yourself and others. This unique combination will enable you to access your untapped potential and strengthen you.

Imagine being able to have laser-like focus and be more productive in your day. Imagine feel calm ‘on-demand’ in any situation and being able to respond with more wisdom to challenges. You DO have this ability within you.

Benefits of heart-based resilience:

  • Access a powerful part of yourself
  • Reduce anxiety and burnout
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase creativity and resourcefulness
  • Sleep better
  • Access more of your ‘hidden’ resources: skills, gifts, talents


RESULT = Unleash your superpowers!!!


And yes we DO have a sense of humour.

Your Co-Conspirators

With over 30 years of combined experience, Christie and Stiofan are passionate about bringing the best out of you on your life journey. We are highly experienced in leadership development, business coaching and personal coaching, mindfulness and meditation. Driven by our Values of Compassion, Collaboration and Fun we are obsessed with gaining Knowledge and deepening our Wisdom so that we can share it with others to create a better world.

Heart-Based Resilience:  Introductory Workshop

Unleash your superpowers!



Date:  Sun 5 Aug 2018

Time:   9.30am – 5.30pm


Crows Nest Community Centre

Level 2, 2 Ernest Place

Crows Nest

NSW 2065

T: 02 9436 1644


Dr. Stiofan McSuibhne


M: 0412 930 698


Christie Pinto


M: 0430 465 429


Normal price: $397

Special price ONLY for 5 Aug $197

Cancellation: 24 Hours notice

 How to Book:



What’s Included:

Workbook, paper, pens

Snacks: Nuts and fruit


What to Bring:


Water bottle

Extra layer of clothing

Open mind

Sense of humour!

Testimonials for Heart-Based Resilience

“Christie and Stiofan make a fantastically engaging duo who make the concept of “me time” and mindfulness much more sensical and not just another goal to achieve. The topics go beyond cliché or commercialized notions of “resilience” and the heart. Everything discussed was grounded in reality. Thanks to the workshop I have come away with a refreshed perspective (and some serious laughs). Thank-you!” Hannah Ashby, My Sydney Naturopath, NSW

“ It’s a great way to learn how to stop those ‘inner voices and mental noises’ and focus on your soul. It makes you appreciate that we need to ‘zone out’ to be more productive and healthier. I learnt the importance of nurturing the mind and the heart. Highly recommended and so relevant for today’s lifestyle. It’s a great way to re-invigorate the mind and body.” John Musumeci, Musumeci Optometrist, Fairfield, NSW

“I loved the friendliness, humour, honesty and knowledge passed on. I enjoyed it all – a breath of fresh air to hear positive thinking. It opens a new pathway to manage our time and stress levels and cope with the negatives of life in a better way than before. I enjoyed the experience and it leaves me wanting to explore more. “

Linnette Parkes, Sydney, NSW

“Great workshop! The learning pace was great. The facilitators were both very knowledgeable and thorough. I really enjoyed it and took away a lot from it which I can implement in my daily life.” Marlon Baroudy, Diamond Bathrooms Sydney, NSW

“The course is a good mix of theory and practice. The facilitators manage to teach in an accessible way that integrates personal experience, science and comments from the course attendees. I learnt that recuperation and not denying yourself the things you like is important.” Markus Schlaefle, Maroubra, NSW

“I loved the structure and content. Inner knowledge about human beings was imparted aptly using the right examples. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this course. “ Consultant, Sydney