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Heart-Based Living

Does your life and your head feel overly busy?

Do you feel like you can’t stop and don’t know why?

Something has gone wrong. We have incredible technology but at the same time ‘human technology’ is breaking down.

An increasing number of people feel they are on a treadmill and the ‘noise’ in their head never seems to stop.  They report they:

  • have seemingly endless To-Do lists
  • can’t think clearly or make sound decisions
  • feel tired, tense and weary
  • have low energy levels
  • have no sense of purpose

Why is this happening? Because over time we have learned to rely heavily on our intellect and ‘live from our head’. The technology we use helps us but also means our heads are always ‘switched on’. Unfortunately many people are discovering that living from your head wears you down, reduces your energy and sucks the joy out of life. But it can be different. And no you don’t have to throw your devices out of the window or in the bin!


Your Other Brain
Did you know that research has shown that your heart has it’s own intelligence? Back as far as 1996 scientists discovered that the heart also has its’ own intelligence. Scientists refer to it as the ‘heart-brain’. What if we were to tell you that learning to tap into this intelligence will bring more depth, connection and joy into your life? Studies show when people feel happy and connected the impact on both their work and personal life is immense.


To be successful in life you need to know who you are.

Many training programs focus on using your brain and practical techniques which is very useful. Unfortunately they totally miss out on the powerful resource of your ‘heart-brain’ so your results are often limited. It has since been recognised that combining BOTH sources of intelligence head AND heart will take your results in life to the next level.


Heart-Based Living:
Live with more passion, purpose and meaning!


We are excited to announce the Heart-Based Program!

The new era we find ourselves in requires us to have more awareness, trust, heart and compassion. Using the latest neuroscience, proven techniques and ancient wisdom, this next generation training program will show you HOW to connect with your heart so that you can harness more of what you already have within you to thrive not just survive!


Heart Based Living – Overview
This 1-day course is designed to help you to learn how to connect with your heart’s intelligence and use it to greatly enhance your life. You will be guided thorough various FUN exercises and leave with a plan of how to incorporate what you have learned into your life. It is an easy and relaxing day which is more of an experience than a seminar.

Imagine having a greater sense of purpose and deep trust in yourself and life. Imagine feeling inspired and being able to inspire those around you. It is possible!


Benefits of attending:

  • Quieten your mind
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Increase your productivity and get better results
  • Access more of your insight and intuition
  • Create a deeper connection with yourself and others
  • Tap into the real you and have more fun!


RESULT = Feel more inspired and alive!


Your Co-Conspirator
With over 20 years of experience working in both the corporate space and coaching and mentoring field, Christie Pinto is passionate about bringing the best out of you on your life and leadership journey. She is highly experienced in mindfulness, leadership development, business coaching and personal coaching. Driven by her Values of Compassion, Collaboration and Fun she is obsessed with gaining Knowledge and deepening her Wisdom so that she can share it with others to create a better world.


Heart-Based Living

Live with more passion, purpose and meaning!

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Date:  19 Aug 2018
Time:   9.30am – 5.30pm


The Awareness Institute,
Level 1, 28 Chandos St,
St. Leonards
NSW 2065
T: 02 9436 1644

Normal price: $297
Special price ONLY for 19 Aug $197
How to Pay: PayPal or Credit Card
Cancellation: 24 Hours notice

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100% Guarantee

Contact Christie Pinto with any questions
M: 0430 465 429



What’s Included:

Workbook, paper, pens

Snacks: Nuts and fruit


What to Bring:


Water bottle

Extra layer of clothing

Open mind

Sense of humour!




“I loved the time for me/my heart to get some conditioning. ‘Shushed’ the mind for a day. Thank-you! … Working together my awesome mind and heart will make much more mindful decisions that lead to action! You’re awesome!”
Peter Kerr, Innovating the Future, Abbotsford, NSW

“The workshop was engaging and thought provoking with simple exercises to do daily. It all flowed smoothly, with great stories, great connection with topics and a good size group of people. I am taking away smart steps I can implement and a daily plan to keep working on.”
Victoria Howard-McCrae, Training Manager, Sydney, NSW

I loved the practical tools to help everyone to reach their hearts. Christie shows genuine love and passion for the participants and their understanding of themselves and how the tools can help them. I am committing to learning to listen to my heart.”
Be-An Chew, Sydney, NSW

“I loved everything, especially the presenter Christie. The techniques for recognising problems and solutions, the science based information, the meditation techniques and material provided. I am taking away methods of action which can be done easily by breaking down the action into smaller bits to create easy plan. Time flew!”
Fabiola Cid, Sydney, NSW

The Heart Based Program will give you an increased sense of clarity, peace and confidence in yourself as an individual so that you can reach your highest potential and make a difference within your personal life, organisation, and the world.

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