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Heart-Based Leadership

Leadership: What does leadership mean to you?

How do you see yourself as a leader?

We have found that most leaders doubt themselves and their leadership because they:

  • confuse being a manager with being a leader
  • lack insight into themselves and what really drives them
  • think they have to do way more than they actually do
  • need to ‘polish’ their communication skills

This results in: self-judgment, negative self-talk, self-doubt, under-appreciating their skills and talents, no sense of direction, exhaustion and more! If you are reading this, you are most likely one of those leaders. What if we were to tell you that all of this can be totally remedied by gaining insight into yourself and improving your leadership skills so that you can become a great leader?

You can’t be a leader and lead others if you can’t lead yourself. To lead yourself you need to know who you are.

Traditional leadership programs focus on using your brain and practical techniques which is very useful. Unfortunately they totally miss out on another powerful resource – your ‘heart-brain’ so your results are often limited. Back as far as 1996 scientists discovered that the heart also has its’ own intelligence. It has since been recognised that combining BOTH sources of intelligence head AND heart will take your leadership and your results in life to the next level.

We are thrilled to announce the Heart-Based Leadership Program!

The new era of leadership requires more awareness, trust, heart and compassion.

Using the latest neuroscience, proven techniques and ancient wisdom, this next generation training program will show you HOW to harness more of what you already have within you to be a 21st century leader.

The program will give you increased confidence in yourself as a leader and an individual so that you can reach your highest potential and make a difference within your organisation, your personal life and the world.

Heart-Based Leadership Part 1:

Emotion and Compassion are NOT dirty words

Leadership is more about EQ than IQ! Emotional intelligence(EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It includes 3 types of skills:  awareness of your emotions; the ability to use your emotions to generate new ideas and solve problems; the ability to manage your emotions and tune in to the emotions of others. When you effectively manage your emotions you become a more successful leader and individual.


During this one-day course you will discover your current level of emotional intelligence, your untapped strengths and your current behaviours. You will also learn how to delegate more effectively so you can gain more control of your time. Using the latest assessment tools, self-reflection, discussion and ancient knowledge you will gain a far greater awareness of your thinking, communication style, values and most importantly your natural wisdom which combined create your unique brand of leadership.

Imagine having confidence and deep trust in yourself. Imagine being able to inspire and empower those around you to achieve greater results. It is possible!

Benefits of attending

  • Lead yourself better so you can lead others
  • Boost your leadership capabilities
  • Learn to harness the powerful intelligence of your heart
  • Create more connection with yourself
  • Create deeper connection with others
  • Improve your ability to inspire others/your team
  • Create a positive culture around you

Your Co-Conspirators

With over 20 years of combined experience, Victoria and Christie are passionate about bringing the best out of you on your leadership journey. We are highly experienced in leadership development, consulting, facilitation, business coaching and personal coaching. Driven by our Values of Compassion, Collaboration and Fun we are obsessed with gaining Knowledge and deepening our Wisdom so that we can share it with others to create a better world.

Heart-Based Leadership Part 1:

Emotion and Compassion are NOT dirty words


Date:  Saturday 4th August 2018

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm


Crows Nest Community Centre

Level 2, 2 Ernest Place

Crows Nest

NSW 2065

T: 02 9439 5122

How to Book:




Victoria Howard


M: 0412 930 698


Christie Pinto


M: 0430 465 429



Normal price: $497 (SAVE 40%)

Special price ONLY for 4th Aug $297

Cancellation: 24 Hours notice

What’s Included:

Workbook, paper, pens

Snacks: Nuts and fruit


What to Bring:


Water bottle

Extra layer of clothing

Open mind

Sense of humour!

Testimonials for Heart-Based Leadership

“I loved everything about the workshop: the connection with Victoria and Christie together and the variation throughout the day. Please go and do this course to not only benefit yourself but have a ripple effect on your relationships at work and home and friendships.” Kay Mitchelson. Teacher, TAFE, Sydney

“When you run a small business and employ staff, it’s often a challenge to get the most out of your team and yourself. This workshop provided me with some practical tools and strategies which will help me improve the communication with my team and help me to become a better leader. It’s all about connection and living from the heart!” Max Pagnin, Principal, Altura Financial Planning, Parramatta

“The course really resonated with me. It’s a different take on leadership courses of which there are so many. This one focuses on a deeper learning which can benefit potential leaders of every age and walk of life. “ Nina Genikis, DXC Australia and NZ, Sydney

“It’s a great course! Very engaging, interesting and easy to follow. Even for someone who has already attended a number of leadership courses it is a day well spent. Good content and two great facilitators who give a lot of personal insights.”

Patricia Prossmann. Senior Commercial Planning and Development Manager, Sydney

“I loved the interactive nature of the course. There was great rapport between the presenters who were clearly inspired and grounded in the material. The course is accessible and applicable and as a result of attending I see how I can approach work situations very differently.” Dr. Stiofan MacSuibhne, Osteopath, Abbotsford

“The workshop was interactive and well organized. I loved the exercises and activities involved and the facilitator’s knowledge of the topic. I am taking away an action plan of how for listen to my heart.” Consultant, Sydney


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