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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress - Part 3

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress – Part 3

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Technique to Connect with Your Heart
A technique adapted from the Institute of Heart Math

You can do this sitting or standing. Close your eyes or have them open.

1. Simply place the palm of your hand over your heart. Feel the hormone oxytocin
starting to release. Let the energy in your head start to move into your heart.

2. Picture your breath moving in and out of your heart.

3. Imagine you are breathing in ease and love. Exhale normally.
Do this 5 times or more.

4. Open your eyes slowly

This will start to release of a chemical called oxytocin, which is the love hormone. Oxytocin is what mothers have when giving birth or when breast feeding. It’s what we experience when making love or experiencing a hug. It’s a bonding hormone so in this case it helps you connect with yourself.